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Puppy Preparation Visit

If your are getting a new puppy an what to speak to us about what you'll need, how to get setup, and what to expect then we can help.  A home visit prior to getting the puppy, and follow up training sessions there will give your puppy the best start.

£50 - Initial Visit

£25 per 30mins follow up sessions



This fantastic game is a perfect way to use your dogs natural talent to sniff. With specfic target odours you can teach your dog to show you where they are all hidden in different fun scnearios - a great sport for any age!


Hoopers is an all inclusive, fun and low impact dog sport. The sport consists of exercises designed to help build fitness and aid mental stimulation, whilst improving the relationship between dog and handler. The courses in Hoopers are free flowing and designed using hoops and tunnels.


This is a well known, fun and fast sport for all breeds and sizes. With a set course of obstacles to work through, this takes real skill but can be a great outlet for your best friend.

UK Dog Sport

These sports are a mixture of all exercises - the decathlon for dogs! Control, agility and nosework combined - you'll be a master of all!

Tracks & Trail

This way of using our dogs noses can be a great option. It's a fun exercise where our K9 friends follow scent to the surprise at the end.


Gundog training classes are a brilliant way to channel that energy while having fun together. Using a whistle, working on that sit and lots of fun retrieves. We are here to help you get started.

Lure Session

have fun with your friend with this high energy chase game. A great way to enjoy that natural instinct and also work on recall back.

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