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Our Answers

How long does it take to train your dog?

All we would say is this can be variable based on what you want to achieve. Simple behaviours can take weeks, while more complex exercises in real life situations can take longer. 

It all depends on how hard you want to work, how we motivate our dogs and making it rewarding for our dogs.

Just have fun, enjoy the journey and unleash potential!

What will I need to bring?

  • Dog ;-)

  • Flat collar with ID tag

  • Training lead (4ft+)

  • Long line (10ft+)

  • High value rewards, such as food or a favourite toy

  • Poo bags

  • Water bowl

Can I bring people with me?

We welcome all the family to come and get involved, we just ask that only one person handles the dog at any time. Also if young children are with you, that they are supervised and don't approach any unknown dogs.

Do we train if it's raining or hot?

We always assess safety on the day when teaching, however we are an outdoor school so train in most weather conditions. If you feel it is unsuitable for you to train, your instructor will need 24 hours notice.

Can we let our dogs off lead to say hello?

As a club, we try and teach all the dogs to be calm and relaxed around each other, while having fun with you. Therefore it is usually not a good idea to let the dogs play before a lesson. Also not all dogs are comfortable with that sort of play, so we should always be mindful.

If my dog has a cough or upset tummy, should I not come?

If your dog is unwell, injured or in season, we'd ask you don't bring them to their session. Once better if you just confirma a return date with your instructor.

Do you use rewards to train the dogs?

Yes we do! It has to be rewarding for our dogs to learn and there are always different ways to do this.​

My dog has been barking / acting anxiously / reacting to "abc" - can you help?

We are a team of behavioural trainers, so are here to help when specific, more engrained, behavioural issues come up. Please ask as we are here to get them through it.

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