Dog Sports

Working trials

This is our most popular course! It is often referred to as the decathlon for dogs. It includes tracking, searching, heelwork, recalls, dumbbell retrieval and certain elements from agility.


Gundog training is not just for labradors... anyone can do it and the sport version of this whistle based sport is one of the fastest growing classes in the club... great fun for everyone!

Agility and flyball

We are not a competitive agility or flyball club. We tend to take the more fun approach, but these courses are designed to teach you all the techniques and knowledge you'll ever need should you wish to take these sports further.

Dog tricks

Why not teach your dog to do the tango? With clicker training, a popular reward-based method, we can teach old dogs new tricks (and new dogs too!)

TD Rally

Based on Charles Kramer's original idea of linking a series of exercises to form a course. TD Rally takes this to the net level. Relaxed and fun training with your dog. Suitable for all ages.


Teaching dogs to track human scent is hugely rewarding for both dog and handlers!
A great sport for exhausting your dog!!

Canine Hoopers

Hoopers utilises a series of ground level obstacles, namely hoops, barrels and tunnels. The challenge of Hoopers is entirely focused on the ability of the dog and handler to work together as a smooth flowing team.