Community Projects

We feel we have a social responsibly to work with local partners to ensure that canine etiquette is the best it can be!


The trainers at Dogz Aloud recognise that educating younger children is the key to reducing dog bites and developing responsible dog ownership.

The team are delighted to visit schools or have visits to the training field by prior arrangement.

Contact Lesley to chat about this further.

Local Authority

Dogz Aloud Broom is proud to have been selected to work with 'Countryside Access', Central Bedfordshire Council, on their projects to improve dog etiquette in the countryside.

Forest of Marston Vale

Dogz Aloud Broom is proud of their association with the Forest of Marston vale, being the provider of choice, to offer training and other canine events on their sites.

Wildlife Trust

Dogzaloud, Broom works regularly with the wildlife trust providing training for dogs and their owners at their key sites.